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Learn about Phytates

What is a phytate?
A phytate is a type of antinutrient. (1)
A phytate is also known as phytic acid. (1)

What does a phytate do?
A phytate may have beneficial health effect. (1)
Phytate reduces the absorption of minerals from a meal. (1)
Phytate reduces the absorption of iron, magnesium, and calcium. (1, 2)

What foods contains phytates?
seeds (1, 2)
peas (1)
whole grains (2)
nuts (2)
soybeans (2)

Can phytates be reduced in foods? 
Cooking foods in water or soaking them in something acidic like lemon juice can reduce phytates. (2)
This will not eliminate all of them, so many grains and seeds may still irritate the gut even after being cooked. (2)

What can break down phytates?
While humans, chickens, and pigs do not have the gut bacteria necessary to break down phytates, cows and sheep do. (2)
So, to help minimize damage phytates cause, stick to eating grass-fed beef. (2)

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