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Learn about Regulator of Colonization (Roc)

What is regulator of colonization?

What does regulator of colonization do?
Roc establishes residence in, or colonizes, a specific locale, like the large intenstine. (1)
Without Roc, B. theta can get flushed oot of the sytem. (1)

What produces regulator for colonzation? 
B. theta produces Roc. (1)

Where is Roc located?
the large intestine

What will reduce the production of Roc?
B. theta in the presence of fructose or glucose, will abruptly stop the production of Roc from the B. theta. 
Galactose alone does not seem to stop the productio of Roc. (1)

1. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/article/sugar-keeps-good-microbes-at-bay/