What foods contain Vitamin B2?

Meat, eggs, and dary products are exceptionally high in vitamin B2. (1) 
Vitamin B2 is also often added to certain types of food like grains and cereals. (1)

Note: A lot of vitamin B2 content is lost when it is boiled. (1)
Vitamin B2 is water soluble.
If a nutrient is water soluble, a lot of a nutrient is lost if it is boiled.


3 of of cook lamb liver contains 3.9 mg

1 slice of pan fried beef liver contains 2.8 mg

3 oz of cooked cuttlefish contains 1.5 mg
6 oz of skirt steak contains 1.5 mg

10 muscadaine grapes contains 0.9 mg

1 link of Kielbasa sausage contains 0.8 mg

6 oz fillet of cooked Atlantic Mackerel contains 0.7 mg

1/4 cup of Liverwurst contains 0.567 mg
8 oz of soy milk contians 0.5 mg

1 cup of soybeans contains 0.49 mg
1 cup of spinach contains 0.42 mg
1 cup of beet greens contains 0.42 mg
4 oz of tempeth contains 0.4 mg
8 oz of whole milk contains 0.4 mg

1 cup of yogurt contains 0.35 mg
1 cup of sunflower seeds contains 0.354
1 cup of Crimini mushrooms contains 0.35 mg

1 egg contains 0.26 mg
1 cup of asparagus contains 0.25 mg
1/4 cup of almonds contains 0.23 mg
4 oz of turkey contains 0.23 mg
4 oz of milk contains 0.23 mg
1 cup of sweet potatoes contains 0.21 mg

1 hot dog bun contains 0.1 mg

1 banana contains 0.092 mg

1/4 cup of sunflower seeds contains 0.0885 mg
1 cup of bell peppers contains 0.08 mg

1 cup of sour cream contains 23% RDA

Portobello mushrooms
kidney beans
Cream cheese
fortified nutrientional yeast
wheat bread
blue mussels
brown rice
cookies – Fudge Striped Shortbread cookies

(What is Vitamin B2?)

What is the RDA for vitamin B2?

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