What is a husk?
The husk is the outer protective coating of each individual grain. (1)
The husk is also known as the hull, or chaff. (2)

What does a husk do?
helps protect the nutritious grain inside against pests and weather (1)

Where is a husk located?
the outer covering of a grain (1)

Humans and Husks
The husk is inedible, and humans strip it away in the initial processing of grains. (1)

In cereal crops like wheat, rice, barley, oats, and others the seed – the grain kernel a person eats – grows on the plant with an inedible hull (also sometimes called a husk) surrounding it. (2)

How is the husk removed?
two processes: threshing (to loosen the husk) and winnowing (to get rid of the hull) (2)
In some harvest-ready grains, the husk is thin and papery, and easy to remove. (2)

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