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Learn about Sarcoma

What is sarcoma?
Sarcoma refers to cancer that originates in supportive and connective tissues such as bones, tendons, cartilage, muscle, and fat. (1)

What does sarcoma do?

What are types of sarcoma?
osteosarcoma or osteogeneic sarcoma (bone) (1)
chondrosarcoma (cartilage) (1)
lieomyosarcoma (smooth muscle) (1)
rhabdomyosarcoma (skeletal muscle) (1)
mesothelial sarcoma or mesothelioma (membranous lining of body cavities) (1)
fibrosarcoma (fibrous tissue) (1)
angiosarcoma or hemangioendothelioma (blood vessels) (1)
liposarcoma (adipose tissue) (1)
glioma or astrocytoma (neurogenic connective tissue found in the brain) (1)
myxosarcoma (primitive embryonic connective tissue) (1)
mesenchymous or mixed mesodermal tumor (mixed connective tissue types) (1)

Who gets sarcoma?
Generally occurring in young adults, the most common sarcoma often develops as a painful mass on the bone. (1)

What does sarcoma look like?
Sarcoma tumors usually resemble the tissue in which they grow. (1)

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