Another person, animal, living being didn’t understand or know what I expected them to do, or of them.

Do you ‘own’ the other being?

(We never truly ‘own’ another living being. A government we live under may stipulate that you are responsible for another ‘living being’s actions, though. Aka, of they do wrong you could go to jail or are fined.))
(like dog, child, plant, etc)



Let them know that you are disappointed.

Could you possibly teach (and practice) the other person, animal, living being what you want them to do when you tell or ask for that?

Basically, teach them how to treat you.
Note: Not controlling another, but letting them know your boundaries.

Yes, possibly

(Maybe a person, dog, cat

No, not likely

(Like an insect, wild animal, a temporary person in your life)

There are many people that are just ignorant and misinformed. They have never interacted with an X person, so they simply do not know any better. (1)