AKN / Emotions/ I am feeling… / Angry/Mad /Were you Trying to give another person (being) something?/ Trying to give another person something.

I did not ask if the person (being) wanted it before I physically or verbally gave it.

(a think, words, etc.)

What can I do? 

Ask if the person (being) wants it first before ‘forcing’ it upon another. 
Just offer it physically, and or verbally – in their vicinity and accessible but not in their personal space.

When a person asks you a question. Just answer the question. Don’t add more. Just answer it shortly. If they want to know more. They will ask. If they do not ask, it is not your responsibility to teach people how to get more information.

Would you like a piece of bread?
Would you like some advice? 

Physically offer food to a wild cat. Put it on the ground, accessible to it, but not in its personal space.
The cat can then go to the food if it WANTS it. It accepts your offer.

Did the other person tell you that they did not want what you gave them?