What is citric acid?
Citric acid is a type of organic acid. (1)

Citric acid has the chemical formula of HOC(CO2H) (CH2CO2H)2

Citric acid occurs naturally in all citrus fruits. (1, 3)

Citric acid can wear away the enamel of teeth. (2)

What is the taste of citric acid? 
Citric acid is what gives lemons and limes their tart, sour taste. (4)

Citric acid is odorless and colorless. (4)

Citric acid is a byproduct of cheese, wine, and sourdough bread production. (4)

The citric acid listed in the ingredients of foods and supplements is manufactured (manufactured citric acid) – not what is naturally found in citrus fruits. (4)

What are types of citric acid? 
naturally occurring citric acid in foods (4)
manufactured citric acid used as a food additive (4)

What contains citric acid?
lemons (2, 4)
limes (2, 4)
oranges (4)
grapefruit (4)
tangerines (4)
pomelos (4)
berries (2)
citrus fruits (2)
all plants and animals have small traces of citric acid. (2)
Zevia Cola 
pineapple (4)
strawberries (4)
raspberries (4)
cranberries (4)
cherries (4)
tomatoes (4)
ketchup (4)
citrons (5)

What does citric acid do?
Citric acid is predominantly used as a flavoring and preserving agent, especially in soft drinks and candies. (4)
Citric acid is used to stabilize or preserve medicines and as a disinfectant. (1)
Citric acid enhances the bioavailability of minerals, allowing your body to better absorb them. (6)

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